IAM Faces Database

This collection of face images is divided into two parts:

* FullFaces.tgz

  This file contains frontal views of 30 people. For each person we took
  10 greylevel images with slight variations of the head positions
  (1,2 right into the camera, 3,4 looking to the right, 5,6 looking to the
  left, 7,8 downwards, 9,10 upwards).

* Profiles.tgz

  This file contains profile views of the same 30 people. We took 5 greylevel
  images per person with variations of the head position, the size and the
  contrast (1,2,3 big profiles with high contrast, looks like binarized,
  4,5 small profiles with normal grey levels).

The lighting conditions during image acquisition were carefully controlled.

The two files are tared and compressed. All images are saved in the Sun
rasterfile format and have 256 greylevels.

Terms of Use

This database may be used for non-commercial research purpose only.


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